Quinceanera Surprise Dance

Here’s a clip from a quinceanera that included a purported FIVE surprise dances! Nataly used the help of a choreographer to help put together a nice performance.

This event with all the choreographed dances surely was the result of countless hours of preparations by all the girls and chambalanes, and must have been both memorable and entertaining. On the other hand, many quinceanera celebrations do not include any surprise dances. Decisions regarding the format of the celebration, including the number of – if any – surprise dances to have, are strictly personal to the Quinceanera and her family.

While the surprise dance can be an enjoyable and memorable part of the celebration, it’s perfectly acceptable to include only ‘couples dances’ for the father/daughter and the damas/chambalanes.  While these dances may be considered more ceremonial than entertainment, they are often used in creating a very respectful, elegant, and memorable quinceanera.

Candid Quinceanera Photos Easier Than Ever

quinceanera-photos-beyond invitationsYour Quiceanera is a once in a lifetime occasion, and photos will help you keep and share your memories.  Many girls have a professional photo shoot for portraits which may be included in the Quinceanera invitations, and this can be an expensive part of your celebration.  But with the convenience of digital photography there is no reason to skimp on photos of the celebration.

Your professional photographer will be responsible for the portraits, including those that may accompany the Quinceanera invitations, but simple digital cameras have such a large capacity and low cost that there’s just no reason not to have photos documenting the entire event.

A great strategy is to encourage friends, relatives, and guests to take lots of photos.  Many of them already have cameras in their cell phones that can get pretty good images.  They might just need the reminder to use them. Another benefit of asking people to take lots of photos is that the photos you end up with will represent a wide range of perspectives.  You’ll be able to see your Quiceanera through the eyes of your guests!

So what do you ask people to photograph?  Include all the events leading up to the celebration, the Quinceanera ceremony and party, and the post-celebration exhaustion.  Whether you’ll be making a scrap book or not, imagining that you will be can give you some ideas.  Even things that right now you think are uninteresting can really capture the real mood.  For example, pictures of guests or family arriving from out of town can support lasting memories.   Pictures of you getting your hair done can be a reminder of all the preparation you went through before the big event.  You could even take photos of the tedious process of addressing and sending out the Quinceanera invitations.

And even though you’re the center of attention, you won’t be the only thing happening at the celebration.  Some of the best photos may be of your guests enjoying themselves.

The quality of your friends’ photos may not be that of your professional pictures, and you’ll almost certainly end up deleting many.  But having lots of amateur photographers will likely lead to some really great, authentic, unposed, candid shots that will preserve lasting memories.

Spanish Quinceanera Invitation Wording

Spanish Quinceanera Invitations

Spanish Quinceanera Invitation

When it comes to Quinceanera invitations, a common question is “what is the right wording for Spanish Quinceanera invitations“?

Another post on this site discusses Spanish wording for Quinceanera invitations, and the question comes up elsewhere as well.  In fact a recent question in Yahoo was, “what’s the Spanish wording for..

“You are cordially invited to my quinceanera?”

Those who speak Spanish know that it’s “Estás cordialmente invitado/invitada a mi fiesta de quince años” (Choose invitado/invitada for masculine/feminine).

The above phrase implies an invitation to a single person, so an invitation to a family or group, it would be “Estan cordialmente invitados a mi fiesta de quince anos”.

If you don’t speak Spanish well, there are several ways to find the right Spanish wording for Quinceanera invitations.  The best option is probably to find a friend or relative who speaks formal Spanish very well help you.

There are tools available that can help with translation, but a problem often arises.  When you’re translating anything from one language to another is that even though you might have a word-for-word translation, certain phrases or even concepts dont transcend culturally to another language.  This problem can become obvious when using an online translation tool such as  Yahoo’s Bable Fish translation tool.   But this tool can be useful as a starting point in getting the right Spanish wording for your Quinceanera invitations.  After you’ve decided on your verse in English, put it through the translation tool.  It will likely not be accurate, but a Spanish speaker will likely understand what it should say.  Using this computerized translation might be a good starting point.  You can then take your translation to someone who speaks formal Spanish and they can “proof” it, making the corrections necessary to print your Quinceanera invitations.

For Truly Unique Quinceanera Invitations Add a Photo

Quinceanera Invitations with photo

Want to make truly unique Quinceanera invitations, but don’t have the artistic confidence to make your own?  Using your own photo lets you add your own unique personality, beauty, and charm to your invitations.

Photo invitations can be ordered and processed in as short as a week, or even less, but you still need to do a little planning.  OK, maybe a lot of planning – just like every other detail of your Quinceanera.  If you want the photos of you in your Quinceanera dress you will need to have already completed several steps before placing your order.  You will need to have:

  • decided on the theme or colors of your Quinceanera
  • received and altered your Quinceanera dress
  • scheduled your photo shoot
  • received digital photos

You may save some time, money, and copyright issues if you have a friend or family member take the photos of you.  You’ll want someone who’s at least handy with a camera so you’ll get the best quality shots to use in your Quinceanera invitations.

Actually placing the order for photo invitations is fun.  First you choose the design you like.  Then you upload your photograph(s) and position them on the invitation template.  You can use whatever text you like, and can even choose the font, size and color.  I recommend deciding on the wording of your Quinceanera invitations before designing it online.  See my post on Spanish wording for Quinceanera invitations for ideas, or use the site your buying invitations from for more samples.

Explore Local Options To Print Quinceanera Invitations

pink quinceanera invitationThere are lots of places to get yourQuinceanera invitations. You can make them yourself, order online, or work with a local printing company.  Making the invitations can be a fun project, and online companies give you lots of options, but a local printing company can give you lots of versatility with a fast turnaround.

Stores like Kinkos or UPS store might offer some baisc options with stock invitations, but they’re limited by the corporations that control the franchises, and you may be disappointed with the selection.  A locally owned, mom & pop style print shop is likely to offer you the personal service you need, creative ideas for custom Quinceanera invitations, and they’ll work with you on meeting your deadlines.

Short run printing jobs are easier than ever these days, and the quality is generally very good.  Sometimes a little testing is needed if your paper stock is unusual, but again, the locally owned print shop can help.

So if you want to avoid having to order your invitations 3 months or more in advance, try your locally owned printer.  If you need a referral, try a wedding planner in your area.  Not only will you be supporting your local economy, you’ll also get quality, custom quinceanera invitations.

A Special Mexican Quinceañera

Quinceanera invitationsWhile this site focuses mainly on Quinceananera invitations, I wanted to share a web page that I found about a Mexican Quinceaños (the term used in Mexico for the Quinceanera 15th birthday celebration) that seems special.

Lucero had about 200 people attend her event. She’s profoundly deaf since birth and lives in a chilren’s home, but with the help of an organization called Mexico Child Link, and some Patrocinadores, or friends that helped out financially, she was able to have a big celebration.

Her hearing issues didn’t prevent her from proceeding with the traditional Quinceanera waltz. She practiced for weeks with the help of the two young men who accompanied her. quinceanera waltz

While this Quinceanera almost certainly had invitations, the article doesn’t mention the style. But she had 200 guests, including a godmother who travelled from Ireland to join the celebration.

Lucero clearly has good support from the Mexico Child Link organization.

Mexico Child Link provides a range of services for people with or affected by learning disability. The core project is a home for abandoned & orphan children with learning disabilities, near the town of Atlixco. Many of them are ex street children. The children live on a small farm in 2 specially built adobe houses where they are cared for in a family setting.

The farm provides a degree of self sufficiency for the project and allows the children to learn practical skills. And they seem to have played a great role in supporting Lucero and making her Quinceañera celebration special.  Read more about this Quinceanera celebration here.

Pretty In Pink Quinceanera

Looks like she went all out on high end video and probably photography. I don’t know what the invitations looked like, but they were most likely tied into the pink theme of her dress, and either the white or black colors of the tuxes (or both).
This is a great example of a classy, yet creative dance. They look well rehearsed. What do you think? Do you prefer this style or the costume change and hip-hop style dance?

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