Candid Quinceanera Photos Easier Than Ever

quinceanera-photos-beyond invitationsYour Quiceanera is a once in a lifetime occasion, and photos will help you keep and share your memories.  Many girls have a professional photo shoot for portraits which may be included in the Quinceanera invitations, and this can be an expensive part of your celebration.  But with the convenience of digital photography there is no reason to skimp on photos of the celebration.

Your professional photographer will be responsible for the portraits, including those that may accompany the Quinceanera invitations, but simple digital cameras have such a large capacity and low cost that there’s just no reason not to have photos documenting the entire event.

A great strategy is to encourage friends, relatives, and guests to take lots of photos.  Many of them already have cameras in their cell phones that can get pretty good images.  They might just need the reminder to use them. Another benefit of asking people to take lots of photos is that the photos you end up with will represent a wide range of perspectives.  You’ll be able to see your Quiceanera through the eyes of your guests!

So what do you ask people to photograph?  Include all the events leading up to the celebration, the Quinceanera ceremony and party, and the post-celebration exhaustion.  Whether you’ll be making a scrap book or not, imagining that you will be can give you some ideas.  Even things that right now you think are uninteresting can really capture the real mood.  For example, pictures of guests or family arriving from out of town can support lasting memories.   Pictures of you getting your hair done can be a reminder of all the preparation you went through before the big event.  You could even take photos of the tedious process of addressing and sending out the Quinceanera invitations.

And even though you’re the center of attention, you won’t be the only thing happening at the celebration.  Some of the best photos may be of your guests enjoying themselves.

The quality of your friends’ photos may not be that of your professional pictures, and you’ll almost certainly end up deleting many.  But having lots of amateur photographers will likely lead to some really great, authentic, unposed, candid shots that will preserve lasting memories.

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