For Truly Unique Quinceanera Invitations Add a Photo

Quinceanera Invitations with photo

Want to make truly unique Quinceanera invitations, but don’t have the artistic confidence to make your own?  Using your own photo lets you add your own unique personality, beauty, and charm to your invitations.

Photo invitations can be ordered and processed in as short as a week, or even less, but you still need to do a little planning.  OK, maybe a lot of planning – just like every other detail of your Quinceanera.  If you want the photos of you in your Quinceanera dress you will need to have already completed several steps before placing your order.  You will need to have:

  • decided on the theme or colors of your Quinceanera
  • received and altered your Quinceanera dress
  • scheduled your photo shoot
  • received digital photos

You may save some time, money, and copyright issues if you have a friend or family member take the photos of you.  You’ll want someone who’s at least handy with a camera so you’ll get the best quality shots to use in your Quinceanera invitations.

Actually placing the order for photo invitations is fun.  First you choose the design you like.  Then you upload your photograph(s) and position them on the invitation template.  You can use whatever text you like, and can even choose the font, size and color.  I recommend deciding on the wording of your Quinceanera invitations before designing it online.  See my post on Spanish wording for Quinceanera invitations for ideas, or use the site your buying invitations from for more samples.

As an example, the invitation shown here is offered by an online company with a good variety of Quinceanera invitations. The company is Storkie Express, and while they have many types of invitations, you can see their entire line of Quinceanera invitations here. In fact, I’m an affiliate of that company because of their variety of invitations and ease of ordering.

After finalizing your invitation, you’ll have the opportunity to get some extra professional services.  You can even upload your guest list and receive your Quinceanera invitations with envelopes already addressed.  Samples of your invitations are also available.

After finalizing your order, it’s possible to have your unique Quinceanera invitations in hand in less than a week!  Just make sure to reach this step in planning the details of your Quinceanera in time.  Check out this post on when to send your Quinceanera invitations.

Photographs give you endless possibilities to really bring out your personal character, and can make your Quinceanera invitations truly unique.  Many of your guests will even hold on to their invitation for years as a special keepsake.

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3 Responses to “For Truly Unique Quinceanera Invitations Add a Photo”

  1. monique gomez veronica says:

    hello i was just wondering how can i make an example quinceanera invation.i just want to make one and see how it will look and how much would it cost because my daughters quinceanera is next year so i wanted to make one for an exmple can you please help me..

    thank you
    -monique gomez alwayz

  2. admin says:

    Getting a sample before placing your full order of quinceanera invitations is always a safe approach. The folks at Storkie make this easy. Use this link to select the invitation you like, then click on the “order sample” link.

  3. Ahus says: always send a proof before they print.
    Actually they don’t print until you approve so this good
    Proof is sent via email

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