Include Online RSVP Option With Quinceanera Invitations

Quinceanera invitations rsvp

quinceanera invitations rsvp

The tradition of a formal invitation helps add to the elegance of your Quinceanera invitations.  That formal tradition includes the RSVP card.  Yet there are some excellent reasons to add the efficiencies of electronic services to help both you and your guest confirm their attendance at your Quinceanera.  Having guests confirm their invitation electronically adds convenience to both you and them, and offers a cost-savings as well.

It is recommended that your Quinceanera invitations still include a physical RSVP card.  Trying to add “Please RSVP via www….. ” will likely be too much text, and will not fit the layout of your Quinceanera invitations.  Instead, simply select a nice paper for your RSVP card (it will match that of the invitation in many cases, but it doesn’t have to) and present simple instructions for your guests to confirm their attendance.

There are many ways to manage confirmations to your Quinceanera, and you should choose one that matches your (and your guests) comfort using technology.  You may ask guests to confirm with an email, which even most grandparents and elderly guests know how to do.  Many of your social profiles, such as Facebook, give you the option to create an event.  You could create an event, possibly using using the colors of your Quinceanera invitations,  and then let people confirm that they will or will not attend.  But be careful when using this method.  Be sure that your online profile is suitable for parents and their friends.  That means, if you have questionable language, graphics, or photos on your page, try another option.  There are ways to create your event online as well, giving your guests the ability to RSVP just by going to a site that you provide information to.  There are several free or inexpensive online services that you can also use – just try a google search on “RSVP online” and you’ll find lots of options.

Once you have a place to send your guests to RSVP your Quinceanera invitations, you need to provide them the link.  This is easy if you were presenting your invitations online, but we haven’t yet reached the point where this is an acceptable way to deliver a formal invitation.  On the other hand, the link or URL that you want your guests to use to confirm their attendance at your Quinceanera is likely to be quite long, and will lead to problems if you try to provide written instructions in the invitations.  The solution to that is to use a URL shortener.  URL shorteners can take a long URL and convert it to a reasonably short one, making it easier for your guests to type in the right web address. is just one such service.

A traditional RSVP card included with your Quinceanera invitations is always the right way.  But It’s not necessarily wrong to give your guests the option of confirming online.  Short, simple instructions can still be formal and offer both you and your guests an added convenience.   Other ideas???

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