Pretty In Pink Quinceanera

Looks like she went all out on high end video and probably photography. I don’t know what the invitations looked like, but they were most likely tied into the pink theme of her dress, and either the white or black colors of the tuxes (or both).
This is a great example of a classy, yet creative dance. They look well rehearsed. What do you think? Do you prefer this style or the costume change and hip-hop style dance?

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2 Responses to “Pretty In Pink Quinceanera”

  1. idalia garcia says:

    yes very well rehearsed but the guys (chambelanes) seemed to be the attraction the point of this dance is to show off the quinceanera she stands out because of her dress but she did not move as much as the guys and that was probably because of the dress a different change of clothes would have allowed her to move a little more and actually dance to the bachata music.

  2. noemi says:

    what is the song called for first half

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