Quinceanera Surprise Dance

Here’s a clip from a quinceanera that included a purported FIVE surprise dances! Nataly used the help of a choreographer to help put together a nice performance.

This event with all the choreographed dances surely was the result of countless hours of preparations by all the girls and chambalanes, and must have been both memorable and entertaining. On the other hand, many quinceanera celebrations do not include any surprise dances. Decisions regarding the format of the celebration, including the number of – if any – surprise dances to have, are strictly personal to the Quinceanera and her family.

While the surprise dance can be an enjoyable and memorable part of the celebration, it’s perfectly acceptable to include only ‘couples dances’ for the father/daughter and the damas/chambalanes.  While these dances may be considered more ceremonial than entertainment, they are often used in creating a very respectful, elegant, and memorable quinceanera.

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