Sample Spanish Wording For Quinceanera Invitations

Whether you use stock Quinceanera invitations, print-your-own-verse style (such as those Quinceanera invitations presented on this site), or go completely hand made, you’ll need to decide on the wording or verse for the invitations.  To complicate the issue, you may have guests who are not bilingual, and providing Quinceanera invitations in English or Spanish, as appropriate to your guest is a nice touch.

In previous posts we’ve talked about the wording of Quinceanera invitations.  We’ve recently had some questions regarding wording in Spanish for Quinceanera invitations, so here’s an example to get you started.

Sr. y Sra. Raymundo Morales
tienen el honor de invitar
a usted y a su apreciable familia
a la celebración de los 15 años
de su hija
Laura Morales
Padrinos de Honor:
Sr. y Sra. Juan Samaniego
Chambelán de Honor: Manuel Morales
La santa misa en su honor
se llevará a cabo
el sábado veintinueve de septiembre
dos mil siete
a las tres de la tarde
Iglesia Santa Maria

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2 Responses to “Sample Spanish Wording For Quinceanera Invitations”

  1. karla torres says:

    du yal have some more wording bt in spanish???

  2. Elizabeth Guillen says:

    I need help on what to write on my daughters XV invitations. It will be a Christian service and I would like something unique. If you could please help me out I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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