Spanish Quinceanera Invitation Wording

Spanish Quinceanera Invitations

Spanish Quinceanera Invitation

When it comes to Quinceanera invitations, a common question is “what is the right wording for Spanish Quinceanera invitations“?

Another post on this site discusses Spanish wording for Quinceanera invitations, and the question comes up elsewhere as well.  In fact a recent question in Yahoo was, “what’s the Spanish wording for..

“You are cordially invited to my quinceanera?”

Those who speak Spanish know that it’s “Estás cordialmente invitado/invitada a mi fiesta de quince años” (Choose invitado/invitada for masculine/feminine).

The above phrase implies an invitation to a single person, so an invitation to a family or group, it would be “Estan cordialmente invitados a mi fiesta de quince anos”.

If you don’t speak Spanish well, there are several ways to find the right Spanish wording for Quinceanera invitations.  The best option is probably to find a friend or relative who speaks formal Spanish very well help you.

There are tools available that can help with translation, but a problem often arises.  When you’re translating anything from one language to another is that even though you might have a word-for-word translation, certain phrases or even concepts dont transcend culturally to another language.  This problem can become obvious when using an online translation tool such as  Yahoo’s Bable Fish translation tool.   But this tool can be useful as a starting point in getting the right Spanish wording for your Quinceanera invitations.  After you’ve decided on your verse in English, put it through the translation tool.  It will likely not be accurate, but a Spanish speaker will likely understand what it should say.  Using this computerized translation might be a good starting point.  You can then take your translation to someone who speaks formal Spanish and they can “proof” it, making the corrections necessary to print your Quinceanera invitations.

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